Thursday, March 17, 2011

Writing A Community Service Letter For A Sorority

betrayed ...

For Tirso Canales
(A Firefly against obscurantism) 1.-This

published on March 21, 2009, JUST PAST THE ELECTION: "The events of March 15 are still hot, and the speeches and interviews of President-elect, he is in line to sharpen the thinking that guides his political when he takes office on June 1 next. Did not hesitate in the least to reaffirm the political principles that spread during the campaign, to face the crisis that left the dictatorship of ARENA. Honor and glory all Salvadorans who fell in the struggle to build a dream that the new government says it will be a reality among us! The current political reality tells us that the martyrs are being betrayed.

2.-Y continues the theme on March 27, 2009: "In a civic uprising massive political nature as an instrument of control was the vote participatory citizenship, and the determination to make the government and the State to the neoliberal right, the Salvadoran people, strengthened with new groups of supporters, politically defeated the oligarchy and its political representation, ARENA. " The right swore after the election would sink El Salvador, but did not sink. It had been only 24 hours and the rights and flirted with Funes. We warned: THE RIGHT CARE FOR ALL LOCAL HISTORY HAS BEEN TRAICIONERA! "

3.-This published on May 15, 2009 JUST WHEN FUNES had assumed the presidency, and was the first to notice the prepared treason against the people. I said: "The promised changes are debt to be paid to the people who voted for them. Ultimately will be all political-economic content. Take various forms, also places and times. "4.-

THIS POST THE NOVEMBER 6, 2009: The Left Party FMLN won the presidential election should be starting to implement the plan of government that offered in the campaign, or at least announced through its more thick. "The FMLN became ganapierde party because the President Mauricio Funes and his lively friends, I put aside a few pushes, and told them in practice: Yo, you do not know you, better not cross me!

5.-MARCH 19, 2010, ONE YEAR AFTER THE ELECTION and promises of change, said the following: "Remember that all the political capital of the history of the struggle of Salvadoran people, including the prestige now deposited in the FMLN, is formed by the blood of hundreds of thousands of martyrs and heroic countrymen, women and men that we dignify, and the first who should fulfill that obligation is the party that won elections, and was seized by an individual triumph unfair and a small group of his lively friends. "

THIS MARCH 15, 2011, when two years have passed those "elections of hope", the volume of betrayal suffered by the people is so great that even short-sighted people can see it. Mauricio Funes's government, put more passion fruit here and there has not been able to organize a coherent and productive economy. Any economist knows that the wealth of a country occurs in agriculture, industry and transport. Other activities are in the areas of circulation, but do not produce wealth here or on the moon. The populist demagoguery, can not be serious!

NEVER BEFORE IN EL SALVADOR THE HIGH COST OF LIFE was as high as today. The potatoes we eat are still U.S. and Canada: beans from Nicaragua, and soon we will eat those of mainland China.

EL SALVADOR STILL LIVING ON THE MORTGAGE national sovereignty with the International Monetary Fund loans, IDB, WB, commercial movement is fueled by remittances from Salvadorans working abroad, and enrich the oligarchs.

IS CLEAR THAT THE GOVERNMENT DOES NOT WANT FUNES taxing the rich. In practice shows no governmental authority to enact taxes that the state needs for living expenses.

MANY OF THE EXPENSES OF THE GOVERNMENT ARE Sumptuous, extravagant, among them the banquet silverware ordering the deputies, and four brand Carraro president.

WHICH SHOULD BE IMPRISONED BY CORRUPT AND THIEVES, now they are guests or are part of the government's Advisory Council is pleased and offering fine dining with the enemy. As the poet César Vallejo: "In this dog ended my ass!" Keep voting and exploit them! Expect and elections come again! and "the sheep are dying to vote."

As the poet César Vallejo: "In this dog ended my ass!" Keep voting and exploit them!



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